Base Communication Package:
Reaching your patients has never been easier with MedEx. Using e-mail, SMS and Google's multi-lingual, high quality text-to-speech voice engines, you can start reaching patients directly. Our service runs in the background. As you work, MedEx surveils your calendar, your recall boards and clinical reminders, building and delivering messages quietly in the background. You can start sending appointment reminders, recalling overdue patients, delivering New Patient Packets and generating No Show letters today!

MedEx frees up your staff to accomplish other tasks. No more wasted time confirming appointments or postal fees mailing Welcome packets. Fill your calendar and keep it full! Your patients will love it, perhaps even more than your staff loves it. You'll love the full schedule and increased productivity.

You can make this happen for your practice today because OpenEMR ships with MedEx already integrated. The cost for MedEx is $9.95 per month with message charges at 5 cents or less for OpenEMR users... Comparable services start at $99/month with much higher per message charges, without the cost of integration. Another reason we just love OpenEMR! Now you have an affordable option. In fact, closed-source EHR users pay $299/month and receive even fewer options. We are going to bring their costs down too in time, and when we do, OpenEMR users will pay even less.

MedEx is not just a texting service. It is a communication platform for your practice with SMS, email, Voice, IVR, Newletters, CAPHS Surveys, Message Blasts and on and on. We even built an SMS texting portal right into your software to text patients in real-time! Now you can have an affordable option, with all the advanced features, and we promise it will cost you less the more we grow.

SMS Messaging

Run your schedule at high efficiency:

    Appointment Reminders & Confirmation
    Automated Recall Messages
    Reduce No Shows
    Implement OpenEMR::Clinical Reminders
    SMS Bot: SMS in your EHR

Automated Voice Messaging

Automate your Calendars and tasks with interactive voice messages:
    Customizable scripts
    Practice-specific callerids
    Patient responses are displayed directly in your EHR
    Answering machine detection and messaging
    "Dial 0" option inside Reminder calls and SMS

E-Mail Messaging

Colorful and interactive e-mail:

    WYSIWYG editor
    Welcome Packets
    Recall reminders
    No Show Letters
    Satisfaction Surveys

Kickstart Your Program

Base Package

Unlimited SMS, voice and E-Mail Messages:
Appointment Reminders and Patient Recalls
Go Green Digital Messages
Announcements and SMS Bot

1st month Trial is $9.95, then $99/month per provider


à la Carte: $9.95/month/provider
+ per message charge*

Custom Code

Interested in meeting Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) targets? Just use MedEx to hit those targets! Have an idea where you can put messaging to work? Contact Us to discuss a custom messaging campaign. We are always interested in new ideas.
* most popular choice for practices of all sizes

Reach patients using their technology.