Our mission is to happily deliver the best and most affordable medical communication platform to all users.
Today medical providers need to communicate securely with their patients across multiple platforms.   MedEx grew out of the need for a simple unified messaging system for OpenEMR, the most successful opensource electronic health record system on the planet. 

Our MedEx Communication plug-in integrates directly into the electronic health record. It delivers permission-based messaging using voice, SMS, e-mail or traditional mail at an affordable low rate to all users.  MedEx messages are tailored to each patient's preferences.  Practices can now reach their patients using the modalities their patients prefer, resulting in higher engagements rates (happy patients), lower no-show rates (happy administrators) and reduced staff work loads (happy employees).   In addition to the coolness factor of providing modern messaging to patients, practices with fuller schedules are happier practices all around!  We like happy.  It is an integral part of our mission (happy MedEx).

Open Source Commitment

In keeping with our mission, we believe the best platform not only improves efficiencies but shares the rewards of such gains. Across our platform, we are committed to support the open source projects that make this possible and our environmental charity OneTreePlanted.  For every tree saved by going digital, we'll plant a new one through a donation to OneTreePlanted. Open source projects do not mean they are free. MedEx contributes to the development and enhancement of open source code through grants to developers and organizations, as well as directly providing thousands of programming man-hours to the projects we love. Here is a list of open source projects MedEx provides programming and/or financial support to: