The Package

What is Possible

If your EMR is OpenEMR or one of its many flavors, talk with your vendor - you can start sending SMS, email and voice messages to your patients today!

The Basics

Send appointment reminders using SMS, e-mail and automated voice calls. We start you off with pre-made templates which are fully customizable. After that, your EHR handles the rest behind the scenes, every day. It is all automatic!


Our interface is intuitive and simple to navigate. Without any coding skills, you'll be able to modify the templates to create your own unique messaging platform:

  • Customize e-mail messages to include images and maps
  • Personalize your outgoing SMS and Voice messages
  • Record announcements
  • Finely tune the recipient list for each message
  • Create unlimited messaging events:
    • Welcome E-mails with Forms attached
    • Reminders & Recalls
    • No Show letters
    • Marketing by facility, provider
    • Your imagination...

AVM: Text-to-Speech Example

MedEx adds: "Press 1 to confirm, 2 for a callback from our office, or 0 to hear more options."

Patient Responses

Did the patient confirm or do they need to reschedule? Answering machine? Does the patient want to opt-out of a certain type of messaging? Answer: MedEx handles this for you, and updates your server in the background.
See your patients' responses in your EMR's:

  • Calendar
  • Flow Board
  • Recall Board
  • SMS Bot ©
  • Patient messaging preferences

Embedded SMS

People use technology differently... Rather than responding with "C" to confirm, or "P" for a call from the office, your patient might reply with a concern using SMS. We've got you covered! We'll alert you that there is an "incoming message" and using the SMS Bot© from inside your EHR, your staff can text them back and forth to your heart's content.

Please remember, the SMS Bot uses real SMS thorough phone providers. Texting in general is not HIPAA compliant. It's OK to send appointment reminders by text but don't disclose any unnecessary protected health information. The MedEx SMS Bot© is good but it is not smart enough to enforce HIPAA compliance... Please take the time to periodically review the Dos and Don'ts regarding HIPAA with your staff.

Opt-out Requests

A communication campaign is only effective when the message is received, and desired. Patients control their messaging preferences. From the initial encounter with a patient, ask about and record their messaging preferences in your EMR. MedEx honors these preferences.

If a patient does not want to receive SMS messages, SMS will not be sent.
Preferences can change! Every message contains an opt-out option and if selected, MedEx will update your EMR directly.

Patient Recalls

MedEx added the Recall Board to OpenEMR starting in version 5.0.1 - for patients needing appointments in the future who do not have one scheduled.

With a Medex subscription, the Recall Board starts sending out its own Recall Messages, on its own unique schedule with unique message campaigns - just like Appointment Reminders, but totally separate.

The MedEx-enabled Recall Board will display the progress of your Recall messages campaigns, just like the Flow Board does for Appointment Reminders, but for patients who need to schedule.

Ask patients about their preferences on check-in or check-out.

Quality Payment Program

Are you worried about MACRA, Medicare's new payment programs based on quality? Our Reminders and Recall Services check off several boxes already for you! We're working to integrate more tools into your EMR that will help you meet more of the requirements for the new Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS):

  • Quality Measures
  • Advancing Care Information
  • Improvement Activities

MedEx Vision

We're working on adding new features to expand your palette of messaging options based on provider, facility location or appointment types. Integrate MedEx and OpenEMR Clinical Reminders(beta). Dial "0" to reach the office now (alpha).

Imagine sending out a CAHPS® Clinician & Group Survey v3.0 to every patient? Analyze the results to improve your practice and you can attest to an Improvement Activity for MIPS (Activity IA_PSPA_11: Participation in CAHPS or Supplemental Questionnaire, Activity Weighting: High). This alone will qualify a small practice for the max MIPS IA score of 40 points!

Custom Requests

Would you like to send a message to all new patients visiting Dr. Smith at the satellite facility? We've added this.

How about linking text messaging into your Patient Portal? We can organize that too.

Do you send out reams of paper to new patients? E-mail them in an automated fashion today with Go Green Messaging.

What about automatically sending out patient statements, either as paper or via your Portal? Connecting with patients is no longer just a desired feature, but through MedEx you'll be able to do it on your patients' terms. Come grow with us!

Stay tuned...